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Ancillary Successions in Louisiana

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Louisiana ancillary successions are required when a person who lives outside of Louisiana dies while owning real estate in Louisiana. While the “home state” court will have jurisdiction over the probate proceeding of the deceased, only courts in Louisiana can have jurisdiction over property left in this state.  The Louisiana ancillary succession is the procedure […]

Lawyers that do document review

Louisiana Document Review Attorney Services

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Do you need an attorney to review legal documents that you prepared? We offer document review services to help clients that either prepared their own legal documents or have been sent legal documents to review from another party. It’s always a good idea to have an attorney review your paperwork to guarantee accuracy and that […]

Does my spouse get the house if I die?

Does my spouse get the house if I die without a will in Louisiana?

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If you’ve discovered this article through Google search, chances are you’re deciding whether or not you need to execute a will to protect your spouse in the event you pass before him/her. Louisiana succession law can be complicated. I’ll do my best to answer your questions in this article, but it’s always recommended to contact […]

What to do if you live in one parish, but your parent(s) died in another parish in Louisiana and you need to file their succession?

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Question: “My Parents Died in Another Parish, Can I Just File Where I Live?” This is a common concern among heirs that are now faced with filing a Louisiana Succession. Many children move away from their parents and with as busy as life can be, they find it difficult to make time to work on […]