New Offer from the Andries Law Firm

$200 Last Will and Testament

If you’ve been putting off getting a will drawn up, now’s a great time to get it done. The Andries Law Firm is offering a reduced price of $200 for a basic will until the end of January, 2018. If you don’t currently have a will, the State of Louisiana will provide one for you when you die. Remember, it may not be what you desire to happen to your property. Louisiana provides a set of laws that determines the placement of your property if you die without a will. It’s complicated and often property will end up in the hands of someone that you did NOT want to have possession. This is especially true of married couples who own a home together. Do you want to worry about whether or not your spouse gets to stay in the home when you die? If this concerns you, call us at 318-229-1608 or email Jerome@AndriesLawFirm.com today to discuss your needs. 

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