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What Happens to My Spouse’s Separate Property if He Died Without a Will in Louisiana?

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Question: My husband passed away and now his adult children are asking about things he owned before we married. He died without a will. Do I get to keep his property, or do his adult children get them? They had their own separate lives, but now are trying to load up his possessions and leave […]

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The $500 Divorce in Louisiana

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The $500 Uncontested Divorce We offer low prices on uncontested divorces in every Parish in Louisiana. This price doesn’t include filing fees, court fees and is only for uncontested divorces. Property partitions, child custody and other family law matters will have to be contracted with attorney. How Do I Qualify for the $500 Divorce? Not […]

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Should I Wait to Receive a Death Certificate Before Consulting with a Succession Attorney?

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We get calls and emails regarding this question fairly regularly, so I figured I would speak about it today. You don’t have to wait for the death certificates to arrive before scheduling a consultation with the Andries Law Firm, LLC, to discuss filing a Louisiana succession (probate). Death certificates take weeks and sometimes months to […]

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I want to file for uncontested divorce in Louisiana, but can’t locate my spouse. Can I still file a divorce?

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You can file for divorce based upon the fact that you are living separate and apart. Louisiana law allows for “no-fault” divorces, which mean you do not have to have a reason for divorce other than living separate and apart. You can separate and then file. You will need to serve the Petition for Divorce […]

Louisiana succession attorneys

How Long Do I Have to File a Succession in Louisiana?

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If you’re reading this article, you may be wondering how long you can wait to file a Louisiana Succession. Maybe you just lost someone close to you and you can’t bear to even think about it, or your loved one passed away many years ago. Either way, we’re here to help. You can file a […]