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$1,500 Uncontested Louisiana Divorce

Louisiana Divorce Attorney
Louisiana Succession Attorney Jerome Andries

Divorce isn’t easy

It shouldn’t cost and arm and a leg either.

Not all divorces require a fight. Many spouses are able to agree and move on without a lengthy court battle. Attorney Jerome Andries can help you get your divorce as quickly and painless as possible without breaking the bank.

-Jerome Andries, Louisiana Divorce Attorney

$1,500 Uncontested Divorce
+ Filing Fees

* Free Consultation with Jerome Andries

* Review of case facts

* Document Preparation by Attorney

* Preparation of Final Judgment of Divorce

* We stay in contact until completion

What is an Uncontested Divorce in Louisiana?

An uncontested divorce is one in which both parties agree on many aspects of the divorce. You may not completely agree on every single detail, but agree for the most part. Our firm can usually finalize uncontested divorces out of court without you having to come out of pocket for a large sums of money.

The Andries Law Firm, LLC has filed uncontested divorces for clients all over Louisiana. We’ve worked with the courts in numerous parishes. Jerome Andries knows divorce laws in Louisiana and can help you file your Petitions for Divorce in any parish in the State of Louisiana.

How long do I have to be separated to file?

Louisiana has a separation requirement for uncontested or “no-fault” divorces. You either have to already be separated for the requisite time period from your spouse before you file or file, then wait the time period.

You must be living separate and apart from your spouse:

  • 180 days if you have no minor children born of the marriage
  • 365 days if you have minor children born of the marriage

However, you can file first and then wait the time period. We will then obtain your Judgment of Divorce once the time has run.

How much are court costs?

Each parish is different and our legal fees do not include filing fees for your divorce. Most parishes charge anywhere from $225 to $400. You can give us a call and we can call the parish and get you an estimate.

Going through a divorce is hard enough, let us help.

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