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Land Donations

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Land Donations Pass Real Estate to Heirs or Friends Early

Donating land in Louisiana is a great way to pass a part of you to an heir or family member before you die. Land donations are one of the only ways that you can be sure that your real estate is properly passed to the people you want to continue your legacy. 

Many people wrongly think that their family will do the right thing when it comes to who inherits the property. I can tell you that this is almost never the case. If there is no legal right for someone outside of the family or a specific child to receive property after you die, there will be someone to swoop in and take the property for their own benefit. 

Land donations in Louisiana are a great way to pass your property while you are still living. You cannot come back after you die to tell the court what you really wanted to happen so it is crucial that you take care of your estate while you are living. Louisiana has a specific set of laws regarding land donations and the law must be followed exactly as written or someone can invalidate your Act of Donation. 

Louisiana Land Donation Process

1. We Research the Property

Our firm will research the property that you intend to donate to make sure there are no issues that would prevent you from donating it. 

2. We Draft Your Act of Donation

Our team will draft the required paperwork for the Act of Donation. 

3. Prepare Documents to Sign

Louisiana Act of Donation paperwork must be signed and notarized in front of two witnesses to be legal. 

4. We Will File with the Parish

An Act of Donation in Louisiana must be filed in the Parish records. 

How to Donate Land in Louisiana

Donating land in Louisiana doesn’t have to be complicated but you have to follow the rules or your document could be invalid and you can’t change it if you die. The Andries Law Firm assists Louisiana clients with land donations and real estate donations and can walk you through the process from start to finish. Contact our office at (318) 269-5857 or email us at 

Quick Service

We start working on your case as soon as you pay and work hard to get the documetns to you in a timely manner.

Legal Protection

Our Act of Donation paperwork adheres to Louisiana property donation laws. 

Flat-Rate Pricing

We believe in letting clients know how much the Act of Donation will cost before we begin so there are no surprises when you get a bill.

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