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Copyright Law

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Copyright Protects Creative Expression

Copyright protection is incredibly important to protect your artistic endeavors. In this digital age, many people use art without paying the artist. Copyrighting your work gives artists, photographers, writers, filmmakers, and others the right to exclusivity of their works. 

Copyright law is integral to those who want to protect their expressive endeavors and gives the copyright owner a leg to stand on when someone uses their work without prior authorization. 

Copyright law only extends to the expression itself and not the “idea” of the expression. This means that you cannot protect an idea that you have in your mind. For example, someone else may be able to use an idea they had after reading a book, but they cannot republish any part of the book without prior authorization from the author or copyright holder. 

Our Process

1. Gathering Information

We will speak with you regarding your creative work to see if it qualifies for copyright protection. 

2. Copyright Application

Our office will submit your copyright application and will await further instructions. 

3. Approved Copyright

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Protect Your Creative Work with Copyright Law

Copyright Law was created to protect the work of musicians, artists, writers, photographers, filmmakers, and others against unauthorized use by other people. You work hard to create your art and should be able to use it in any way you want without interference from third parties. The Andries Law Firm helps clients file for copyright protection. Contact us for a free consultation at (318) 269-5857 or contact us online. 

Protect Your Work

Copyright law was created to help you. Use it to protect your work.

Legal Protection

Copyright law allows you to pursue legal remedies.

Inexpensive Protection

The price of copyrighting your work is insignificant compared to what can happen without copyright protection.

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