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Trademark Law

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Protect Your Assets with Trademark Protection

You can protect your business name or logo with trademark protection. This will allow you to use your name and digital assets without worrying about competitors attempting to use them. 

Trademark protection is essential if you want to protect your goods or products from competitors or someone using your assets. A trademark is basically anything that identifies a specific brand or product such as a word or words, slogans, symbols, or designs. 

Competitors often copy and may try to use your product or service for their own benefit. This is why you need to utilize trademarks to protect your brand. Sometimes mistakes happen and business owners pick a business name or other trademark that is already in use by another business. This is how trademark conflicts begin and why you need to properly trademark your brand. 

Our Process

1. Planning Your Trademark Filing

Our firm will speak with you regarding your brand and find out what items you need to trademark. 

2. Trademark Search

We will perform an exhaustive trademark search for any registered trademarks to make sure you are not infringing on someone else’s trademark and to discover any potential issues in the future. 

3. File Your Trademark

We will ensure that your trademark is filed properly and in a timely manner. 

4. Communicating with the USPTO

There is a good chance that you will need to communicate with the USPTO once your trademark application is filed. They may have questions or concerns about your application and we can handle those contacts for you. Also, you may go a number of months without hearing anything from their office and we will contact them for you to check on your applicaiton. 

5. Handling Potential Trademark Disputes

You may discover someone else using your trademark. We can help with potential trademark disputes, 

Trademark Protection is Important to Your Business's Success

Trademark protection is important to your business. It stops competitors from benefiting from your success through trademark infringement. You may have spent thousands or even millions of dollars and time developing a product or system that needs trademark protection to keep someone from stealing your work. 

Legal Protection

Trademarks keep competitors from using and abusing your brand.

Strengthen Your Brand

You can build a stronger brand with trademarks.

Defend Your Rights

You built your brand, make sure you can defend and enforce your rights with trademark law.

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