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Choosing the Right Business Entity Can Save Millions

Business owners and entrepreneurs have tough jobs. You juggle your time between multiple projects and simply don’t have time to spend on matters that do not directly affect your business. However, setting up your business legally is the most important thing you can do as a business owner. 

Creating your business is the hard part, but you also have to protect it. Setting up your business legally can give you protection and legitimizes your business. 

Choosing the right business formation is one of the most important things you will ever do. We help entrepreneurs set up their LLCs with the Louisiana Secretary of State so that you will be afforded important protection to run your business. 

Our Process

1. Determining Your Busines Needs

Planning is key to starting a business. We will speak with you regarding your business to make sure you have everything you need to establish your business entity. 

2. Preparing Business Formation Paperwork

We will work with you to obtain the required information to begin your LLC formation paperwork. 

3. File Your LLC with the Louisiana Secretary of State

Our firm will file your LLC paperwork and will make sure everything is submitted in a timely fashion. 

4. We Stay on Board for Business Assistance

We will stay with you during the entire process and can stay on board if you need additional business law assistance. 

The Responsibilities of Running a Business

Running your own business can be one of the greatest accomplishments of your career. However, there are steps that you must take to protect your business. We help clients with business formation and can stay on board to assist business owners with managing the responsibilities of running a business. There are a wide variety of actions you may need to take to keep your business healthy and profitable and we are more than happy to help. 

LLC Protection

Protect your business with an LLC.

Legal Protection

You've worked hard to build your business. Make sure it has legal protection.

Business Management

You may encounter issues that require an attorney. We are here to help.

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