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Choosing Right Succession Lawyer Can Save Time and Money

Successions in Louisiana can be complex and time-consuming. Filing a succession for a loved one can be an emotional experience. You may have family members asking questions or requesting their inheritance before you have even had time to properly mourn. An experienced succession attorney can walk you through the process and ensure that your interests are protected. Our firm has helped families all over Louisiana with probate matters. 

Working with a succession attorney can help eliminate stress and gives you the comfort of knowing that your loved one’s estate will be taken care of by a professional. In the event that you need to be named as the executor or administrator of the estate, our law firm can show you exactly what you need to do in order to complete the process. 

Filing a succession in Louisiana doesn’t have to be difficult and we are more than happy to help you through the transition. Having an experienced attorney in your corner is the best way to alleviate any potential issues that often pop up when someone dies. Heirs often have questions regarding their inheritance or whether the will is valid and our office is ready to help. 

The Louisiana Probate Process

1. Gathering Information

Our firm will work with you to collect the necessary information required for the succession petition. 

2. Prepare the Petition and Affidavits

We will prepare the required petition, affidavits, detailed descriptive list and other documents that are required by the court. 

3. File The Petition with the Court

The succession petition will be filed with the court as well as other documents to prove your case. The court may issue Letters of Executorship or Administration depending on the facts and needs of your case. 

4. Open Estate Bank Accounts, Transfer Property, Etc.

Many probate matters require that an estate bank account be opened to deposit final checks and to collect estate property before it can be distributed to heirs. We will help you with this process. 

5. Close the Estate, Obtain a Judgment

We will help you finalize the estate and obtain a judgment of possession if necessary. 

We Make the Probate Process Run Smoother

The death of a loved one can be the toughest event in your life. The last thing you want to think about while you mourn is estate property and filing for succession. You may have heirs pushing your to probate the will or to file the succession. They may have questions that you do not have the answers to. We can help with the process from start to finish and will walk you through the process to make it as easy as possible. 

We Help Out-of-State Clients File Successions in Louisiana

Many people move away from Louisiana and then discover that they must file a succession for their parents or family members in Louisiana. Our law in Louisiana is different from all other states and you will need to contract with a Louisiana attorney to assist you. Our firm helps clients as well as other law firms that need to file a succesison in Louisiana but live in other states. 

We Take Care

We understand how hard it can be to lose a loved one and deal with estate matters at the same time. Our firm takes great care in our work and will make sure that you understand each part of the process.

Effective Legal Counsel

We have experience with all types of succession and have dealt with the court system in each parish. Our firm can help you with your probate matters in all aspects of the case.


Privacy for your family is of great concern while going through the probate process in Louisiana. We conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times and ensure that your privacy is upheld.

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How long do successions take in Louisiana?

Successions can take a decent amount of time depending on the facts of the case, how quickly our firm receives information, and the court system itself. We always tell clients that it may take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to complete a succession and get a judgment of possession. However, there are many types of successions that will take substantially longer such as those that must have an executor or administrator named. This article goes further into the topic.

How much do successions cost in Louisiana?

While many law firms charge you hundreds of dollars per hour, we take a simpler and more cost-effective route and charge flat-rate fees on most probate matters. You will know exactly how much you will need to pay at the beginning of the legal representation. Succession prices range depending on the type of succession that you need to file such as a small succession affidavit, petition to probate the will, or to name an administrator. We will need to speak with you about your situation before we can quote a price for a succession. The topic of cost for a succession in Louisiana is covered more in-depth in this article

Do I need a succession attorney or can any attorney help?

While any attorney in Louisiana can file a succession, you will want to choose an attorney that handles succession matters routinely. Louisiana succession law is complex and mistakes are easily made. Our office offers free 15-minute consultations to see if we are the right fit for you. We wrote an article that explains this in detail. 

Where do I file a succession in Louisiana?

Filing in the right parish is extremely important for probate matters. There are multiple options depending on where the deceased died, owned immovable property, or had other affiliations in the parish. If you file in the wrong parish, you will have to file your matter again in the correct parish. Here is an article that explains where you must file successions in Louisiana. 

Do I have to pay filing fees for a succession?

Yes, there are filing fees associated with filing a succession in Louisiana. This fee is separate from our legal fees and is paid to the parish where the matter is filed. Each parish has a different filing fee and our office can contact them for a quote. 

What if I live out-of-state?

Our office assists out-of-state clients every day. We draft the petition and accompanying documents, mail them to you for signature in front of a notary, and file the matter for you. We stay on board until the judgment of possession is signed by the judge. Read this article to see how we help out-of-state clients file a succesion in Louisiana. 

Can your office help with ancillary successions?

Yes, our office helps clients file ancillary successions in Louisiana. An ancillary succession is required when the deceased lived and died in another state but owned real estate in Louisiana. There is a special petition that needs to be filed to get a judgment of possession for an ancillary succession and we can help. This article about ancillary successions explains more. 

How do you probate an out-of-state will in Louisiana?

We help clients file the proper paperwork to probate out-of-state wills in Louisiana. This situation happens often, especially when someone lives and dies in another state but owns immovable property or real estate here in Louisiana. Our office can help you open a succession and probate an out-of-state will as long as it meets the proper requirements of the originating state. Read our article on probating an out-of-state will.