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Probate Advance

Understanding Your Options for Probate Advance Loans

A probate advance loan can be a valuable financial resource for individuals and families dealing with the death of a loved one. These loans provide funds during probate proceedings, allowing access to much-needed cash to cover unexpected costs associated with estate settlement. What is a Probate Advance Loan? A probate advance loan is a type […]

Avoyelles parish succession attorney

Avoyelles Parish Succession Attorney

Avoyelles parish is located in central eastern Louisiana and includes cities such as Marksville, Mansura, Moreauville, Hessmer, Bunkie, Fifth Ward, Cottonport, Center Point, to name a few. The District Court is located at 312 North Main Street, Marksville, LA 71351 and the Clerk of Court’s office is in the same building. Avoyelles parish succession matters […]

Succession attorney Alexandria Louisiana

What Happens if You Die Without a Will in Alexandria, Louisiana?

Estate planning is one of the most important things you can do no matter your age, income or location. Many people think you have to be super wealthy to need estate planning, particularly a Last Will and Testament, but that’s simply not true. It doesn’t matter how much money you make or what type of […]

St Landry Parish Louisiana courthouse

File a Succession in Lafayette, Louisiana

Succession Attorney Lafayette, Louisiana Filing a succession in Lafayette, Louisiana can be a daunting task. Each case has different facts and heirs often disagree as to what route the family should take. Then there’s the issue of what exactly should be included in the succession such as life insurance proceeds, retirement accounts, and movable property. […]

Succession attorney Alexandria Louisiana

Rapides Parish Succession Attorney

If you’ve found this article, you’re probably searching for a Rapides Parish succession attorney to assist you with the probate process. A succession or probate in Rapides Parish must be filed in the District Court located in Alexandria, Louisiana. A quick Google search for “Rapides Parish succession attorney,” probably won’t give you much information on […]

Louisiana succession attorneys

Can My Stepchildren Kick Me Out of the Marital Home in Louisiana?

Question: My husband and I purchased a home together and lived in it for 15 years. He died without a will. I know the home is community property, but his children (my stepchildren) are now saying they own the home and I only have usufruct of his portion. Can you explain this?! Unfortunately, this is […]

Louisiana ancillary probate

File an Ancillary Probate in Louisiana – For Non-Louisiana Lawyers

If you’re a non-Louisiana lawyer or law firm that needs help filing an ancillary probate matter in Louisiana, we can help! We assist out-of-state lawyers and law firms file all types of probate matters for their clients that have inherited property in Louisiana or were named in a will. Many non-Louisiana lawyers file probate or […]