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Not every divorce involves a court battle

Uncontested Divorces

Not Every Divorce Involves a Court Battle

Our firm helps clients file uncontested divorces. Not every divorce has to have an expensive court battle. Most spouses can come to an agreement and skip court altogether. 

Going through a divorce is rated as one of the most stressful events in someone’s life. The added anxiety of upcoming court dates can affect your life, health, and relationships with others such as your children. 

Couples with children should consider working towards an agreement if possible. Many lawyers love for their clients to get emotional and file multiple petitions to bring the other party into court. This means more money for them, especially if they are charging by the hour. While we understand that many situations require judge intervention, many situations can be worked on and can avoid court altogether. 

The Louisiana Divorce Process

1. Reviewing the Facts

Our team will schedule a consultation with you to hear the facts of your case to determine your needs. 

2. Draft Divorce Petition

We will draft your divorce petition and email you a copy to review before the signing process. 

3. File with the Court

Our office will file your signed petition with the district court in your parish and will mail the Waiver of Service to your spouse for their signature. 

4. Finalize Your Divorce

We will work towards finalizing your divorce with the court. 

Flat-Rate Fees for Uncontested Divorces

We firmly believe that clients should know exactly how much legal representation will cost them at the very beginning. Divorce lawyers who charge hourly will bill each phone call, email, or text message that you send them no matter how short in duration. This makes clients not want to call their attorney when they have questions. This is why our office charges flat-rate fees for most of our legal offerings. 

How long does it take to get a divorce in Louisiana?

There are a few different types of divorces in Louisiana and take different timeframes to complete. Louisiana has a “living separate and apart” rule which means that if you don’t have children together, you must live separate and apart for 180 days before you can get a final judgment of divorce and 365 days if you have children under the age of 18. Both of these types of divorces are known as “no-fault” divorces which means you do not have to have a reason to file for divorce. You can file an “at-fault” divorce alleging cheating or abuse in order to get an immediate divorce. However, even then it will take time to schedule a court date. Here is an article we wrote about uncontested divorces in Louisiana. 

How much does it cost to get a divorce in Louisiana?

There are 2 fees associated with divorces: legal fees and filing fees. Each parish establishes its own filing fee schedule and it depends on which parish you file in. Legal fees range widely depending on the type of divorce you are going through and whether or not the divorce is contested. Our firm charges flat-rate fees for divorces and is less expensive than most law firms. This article explains the cost of divorce more. 

Where do I file my divorce?

You may be wondering where to file a divorce in Louisiana. An individual can file for divorce in the parish where they live, the other spouse lives, or in the last parish where the couple lived together. You must file in the correct parish or the judge will decline your judgment of divorce and you will have to start over in the correct parish. This article explains where to file your divorce in more depth. 

Can I get a divorce without going to court?

Many people ask us if they can skip court and just agree to everything regarding their divorce. Everyone knows that court literally drains bank accounts and can cause unnecessary expenses. While you may need a judge’s intervention in some situations, not all divorces end up in a court battle. Many couples are able to talk things through and come to a resolution without setting court dates. We help clients file uncontested divorces and draft agreements that don’t require court. Here is an article on filing for divorce without going to court. 

Diligent Work

We work hard for our uncontested divorce clients and give them the attention they need.

Happy Clients

One look at our reviews will show you that clients enjoy working with us.

Flat-Rate Fees

Our office uses flat-rate fees for uncontested divorces which means you won't get charged for every single email, phone call, or text message that you send us.

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