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Succession Attorney Lafayette, Louisiana

Filing a succession in Lafayette, Louisiana can be a daunting task. Each case has different facts and heirs often disagree as to what route the family should take. Then there’s the issue of what exactly should be included in the succession such as life insurance proceeds, retirement accounts, and movable property. Probate laws in Louisiana can be difficult to understand which is why it’s important to speak with us before trying to file on your own. 

We can help if you’re looking for a succession attorney in Lafayette, Louisiana, and the surrounding areas. Our firm specializes in all types of successions and can walk you through the process each step of the way. 

Attorney Jerome Andries is experienced in assisting families with probate matters all over the state of Louisiana. Our firm routinely files small succession affidavits, regular successions, large successions, and ancillary successions. Our team will make sure your filings are correct and properly filed whether the estate had a will or your loved one died without a will. We know how important it is to protect your rights to both movable and immovable property and will ensure you get what’s owed to you. 

Common Probate Issues

Every probate case has a different set of facts that must be properly analyzed before proceeding and presenting to the court. You don’t want to make mistakes and have to file again. Here are a few common mistakes our office has seen with clients filing their own cases: 

  1. Filing in the wrong court: you have to file your probate matter in the proper court or it will have no effect and you will have to spend more money to file in the correct court. This can delay your case and cost additional money. 
  2. Not executing probate documents properly: Louisiana state law has certain specifications when it comes to signing documents before presenting them to the judge. Most legal documents in Louisiana require a Notary Public to witness your signature and you often need witnesses. 
  3. Filing incorrect documents: There are a number of different types of successions you can file in Lafayette, Louisiana and each one has various documents that must be filed. Remember, the judge can’t give you legal advice or even tell you what you need to file in most situations. He or she will simply deny your judgment of possession and will send your paperwork back. 
  4. Not knowing what type of succession they need to file: As stated previously, there are a number of different types of succession you may need to file in Louisiana. This list includes: testate (with a will), intestate (without a will) or you may need to appoint an administrator/administratrix or executor/executrix depending on the situation. There’s even the small estate affidavit that you can file in Lafayette, Louisiana. It’s easy to make a mistake at the very beginning and end up filing the wrong type of succession. 

How Property is Distributed during Probate

If you’ve done any amount of research online regarding successions in Lafayette, Louisiana, then you know there’s a lot of bad information or outdated articles that are no longer relevant or even have bad law. This is why we always recommend speaking with an attorney before making any large estate decisions. Louisiana has specific guidelines when it comes to distributing property via succession whether your loved one died with or without a will. 

Our office can review your succession matter and inform you of any potential pitfalls you may encounter. We can even review a Last Will and Testament if you’re concerned about the validity of the will and curious about who gets the property. 

How Long Will it Take to File Succession in Lafayette, Louisiana? 

Many new clients call our office with questions about the timeframe it will take to complete a succession. While it sounds like an easy question, there are numerous factors that determine how long the succession procedure will take such as mailing, the type of succession, out-of-state heirs, missing heirs, selling property, and of course, the judge’s schedule. However, our office has an extremely fast turnaround time for getting paperwork into clients’ hands and filing probate matters. 

We can get a judgment of possession for most clients within 4-6 weeks as an estimate. Probate matters that involve administration, however, may take months or even years depending on the type of property and tasks involved. As a side note, our office can walk you through every step of the administration process. 

We can only estimate how long the process will take from start to finish, but we pride ourselves in working quickly and efficiently to make sure you don’t wait any longer than you need to. 

Cost of Successions in Lafayette, Louisiana

Our office can provide you with a quote upon hearing the facts of your case. There are a number of factors that go into our pricing models such as the type of succession, heirs, administration, and other facts that may require more work. The best way to get a feel for how much a succession will cost is to either give us a call or send us a message through our website. 

Flat-Rate Fees for Successions

We believe in efficiency and setting clear expectations at the beginning of our representation for a client and this includes knowing exactly how much the process will cost. Flat-rate fees for successions save money for our clients in the long run and ensure that you know exactly how much you will have to pay upfront. There are no hidden fees or surprises that you may encounter when working with an “hourly” attorney. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of how flat-rate pricing works: you pay a set amount upfront for the service and can call or email us with questions all throughout the process without being charged each time you contact our office. Clients are responsible for the filing fees which go to the Clerk of Court’s office as well as other fees such as mailing and copies. 

Do I Need a Probate Law Firm in Lafayette, La?

It is advisable that you at least consult with a lawyer to see your options. The Andries Law Firm offers free consultations by phone and we can walk you through the process to make sure you understand everything that needs to be completed. Our probate lawyers can handle everything for you so that you can focus on what’s really important – your family and loved ones.

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