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File an Ancillary Probate in Louisiana – For Non-Louisiana Lawyers

If you’re a non-Louisiana lawyer or law firm that needs help filing an ancillary probate matter in Louisiana, we can help! We assist out-of-state lawyers and law firms file all types of probate matters for their clients that have inherited property in Louisiana or were named in a will.

Many non-Louisiana lawyers file probate or succession matters in their state and need what’s called an ancillary succession filed in Louisiana. You need a Louisiana law license to file ancillary probate in Louisiana. You may also encounter situations where you need to probate a foreign will in Louisiana, but are unable to because you don’t have a Louisiana law license. That’s where our firm can help.

Louisiana Ancillary Succession

A Louisiana ancillary succession must be filed when a non-resident dies and owns immovable property in Louisiana. The succession that’s completed in the decedent’s home state is known as the domiciliary probate. An ancillary succession must be opened in Louisiana in order to transfer immovable Louisiana property to heirs and for them to have legal ownership of the property.

The Louisiana ancillary probate must be opened in the parish where the immovable property or real estate is located. However, if the decedent only owned movable property and no real estate, then we would file the ancillary succession in the parish where those assets are located.

Here’s an example: A Texas resident dies and owned property in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. The domiciliary succession can be filed in Texas for the Texas property, but an ancillary succession must be filed in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana to transfer real estate located here.

Also, it isn’t necessary to probate a will in Louisiana if it has already been probated in the domiciliary state. In our example, the will was probated in Texas already and we only need proof that it was probated there in order for us to file the Louisiana ancillary succession here.

Here’s a small caveat: If there was no need to file a succession in the domiciliary state, but the decedent owned real estate in Louisiana, then we can still file a petition to probate a foreign will here in Louisiana.

How We Can Help Your Law Firm

We partner with many out-of-state lawyers and law firms to assist with filing the proper documents in the correct parish or parishes to ensure the ancillary succession process runs smoothly. We charge a flat-rate fee for ancillary successions in Louisiana so that you will know exactly how much the representation will cost and there won’t be any surprises.

The Andries Law Firm, LLC handles ancillary succession matters in every parish in Louisiana and will travel where needed. We’ve been helping out-of-state law firms file probate cases in Louisiana for years and know how hard it can be to file successions in multiple states without help. We can file your matter quickly and affordably and ensure that your clients are satisfied with our work.

We Can Handle Your Case Virtually

It’s understandable that your clients may not want to travel to Louisiana, especially with the price of gas these days. We can mail the completed documents to your clients to sign in their city at their convenience. Our firm does everything possible to make the process easy and efficient.

Contact Us Today

If you’re a non-Louisiana lawyer and have clients that need to file a succession or ancillary succession in Louisiana, give us a call and we can provide you with a quote and get the process started.

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