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How Do I File a Louisiana Succession If I Don’t Live in the State?

We get clients every week that need to file a Louisiana Succession and either live in another city or even a few states away from their deceased parents or parent. If you have found yourself in this position, The Andries Law Firm, LLC can help.

One of the most asked questions we get from out of state clients is, “Can I hire an attorney from my state to file a Louisiana Succession?” Unfortunately, the answer is no, unless your local attorney is also licensed in Louisiana. An attorney must be licensed in the state in which he/she will be filing the petition. We get calls from people needing help filing a succession here from Texas, California, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio and Florida, just to name a few. Basically, no matter what state you are from, we can help you file a Louisiana Succession.

How do I know if I need to file a succession in Louisiana?

A succession proceeding shall be brought in the district court of the parish where the deceased was domiciled (habitual residence) at the time of his/her death. So, if they lived here, then there is a good chance the succession will need to be filed in this state.

If the deceased was not domiciled (habitual residence) in the State of Louisiana when he/she died, the succession may be opened in the district court of any parish where: (1) immovable property of the deceased is situated; or, (2) movable property of the deceased is situated, if he/she owned no immovable property in the state at the time of death.

Basically, if your family member lived and/or owned property in Louisiana, there is a good chance it needs to be filed in Louisiana or at least an ancillary succession. Therefore, you would need a Louisiana attorney to help you with the proceedings.

We handle successions all over the State of Louisiana and can help you with your family’s probate, even if you don’t live in Louisiana. If you live a few cities away, we can still help you because we file in every Parish. Here’s how we do it:

  1. We schedule an initial phone consultation to discuss your needs and collect information regarding your deceased family member, such as property, marriages, children, etc.;
  2. We create the documents needed to get the succession ready to file;
  3. Our firm will mail the documents to you to review;
  4. You will then take them to a Notary Public in your location and sign;
  5. You mail the originals back to us;
  6. We file the succession and keep you informed as to the status;
  7. The Judge signs paperwork and your succession will be complete.

Filing a succession in Louisiana is not something you would want to do without at least speaking to an attorney who specializes in them and is licensed to practice law in Louisiana. Even if you live in close proximity to Louisiana, such as: Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas, Alabama or Georgia; you will still need to speak with a Louisiana succession attorney as the laws here are different than any other state in the U.S.

If you need help filing a Louisiana succession, feel free to give us a call and we will set up a free consultation to discuss your needs. You don’t have to have any type of paperwork on hand to begin the process. We can be reached at (318) 269-5857 or email

“We help clients with succession and estate matters all over the State of Louisiana.”

Louisiana Succession Attorney Jerome Andries

R. Jerome Andries
Louisiana Succession Attorney
(318) 269-5857

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