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How to Change Your Name in Louisiana

You may be wondering how to do a name change in Louisiana. We can help walk you through the process. There are many reasons why someone would want to do a name change in Louisiana such as divorce, adoption, wrong name on your birth certificate and so on. 

There are many steps that you must take in order to change your name in Louisiana. Each step must be followed perfectly or your request may be denied. Our firm can help you submit a name change request and help you save time and money by trying to do it yourself. 

Why Do a Name Change? 

You must submit a name change request to the proper authorities in order to have your name changed legally. You can’t simply just start going by a new name or change your name on social media for it to be effective. The only way to legally change your name is to follow the proper procedures and have the District Attorney and Judge sign off on your name change request. This allows you to change your name at the DMV, your birth certificate and other important documents. 

The District Attorney Must Agree

You have to submit the proper paperwork to the District Attorney’s office to make sure that the State of Louisiana has no objection to you changing your name. Keep in mind there are some circumstances that will cause you to not be able to change your name such as felonies. You will want to speak with us to be sure you qualify for a name change. 

What Information is Needed?

Our firm will ask you a series of questions to gather the appropriate information for your name change. This includes your parents’ information such as your mother and father’s name, address and other information that we will need to draft your petition. 

Who is Barred from Doing a Name Change?

You may have some restrictions to doing a name change if you have been convicted of a felony. You will have to wait until your sentence has been completed. This may include jail or probation. You also cannot obtain a name change if you’re doing so for any improper purpose such as avoiding debt, child support or trying to escape a lawsuit where you may owe money. 

The Judge Must Sign Your Petition

Once the District Attorney signs off on your petition, you will then have to present it to the judge assigned to your case. He or she will either grant or deny your motion. You will receive a certified copy of your name change if the judge grants your request. 

What Can a Name Change be Used For?

You can update your passport, voter registration, driver’s license, social security card and more. The order stating your name is legally changed by the judge can be presented to the Social Security office, DMV or Post Office for your passport. 

Do I Have to Live in Louisiana to do a Name Change?

Not necessarily. You can either be a resident of Louisiana or have been born in Louisiana in order to have the legal standing to submit a name change. 

Do I Have to be 18 or Older?

You have to be at least 18 years old to petition for a name change. However, a parent can request to change their child’s name by following certain procedures. 

Which Parish do I File my Petition for Name Change?

You have a few options regarding the parish where you must file your petition for a name change: 

  1. The parish where you were born in Louisiana;
  2. The parish where you live;
  3. Orleans Parish where the Vital Records Registry is located
  4. Currently in jail: you will have to petition the court that sentenced you to prison. Keep in mind that those with felonies will have to fully serve their sentence before they can petition to change their name in Louisiana. 

Can I Choose Any Name I Want? 

Not always. The District Court does have the authority to deny your request for a name change once they see your petition. There could be multiple reasons why the judge may approve or deny your name change. 

Do I Need a Name Change After Divorce?

You can ask the just assigned to your divorce case to allow you to go back to your maiden name after your divorce is finalized by asking for it in the judgment of divorce. If this is no longer available or you completed your divorce a long time ago, then you may still have to submit a petition for a name change. 

How Much Does it Cost to Change Your Name in Louisiana?

There are legal fees and filing fees associated with petitioning for a name change. Each parish charges a different amount for filing fees, so we will have to call them to get a quote for you. Our legal fees depend on the situation and we will give you a quote for your name change.

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