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Attorney Jerome Andries

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Jerome Andries is the firm owner of Andries Law Firm, LLC. Jerome was admitted to practice law in Louisiana in 2015 and started his own firm in 2017. He specializes in consulting clients all over the U.S. in various areas of law and represents their interests in multiple jurisdictions. 


Prior to starting his own law firm, Jerome held a judicial clerk position to learn the ins and outs of the judicial system in Louisiana. He then went on to be a prosecutor while honing his courtroom skills with the end goal of starting his own business to service clients all over Louisiana and surrounding states. 

Jerome specializes in probate matters, trademarks, and uncontested divorces. 

Pratice Areas

  • Probate and Successions
  • Estate Planning
  • Business and Corporate Law
  • Contract Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Property Partition
  • Debt Settlement and Negotiation

Education & Bar Admission

BA, LSUA; 2004

Juris Doctorate, SULC; 2015

Admitted to the Bar since 2015

Member of the Louisiana Bar Association

Member of the Alexandria Bar Association