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Separated, but waiting to file the divorce until you can afford it? We can help.

A common issue we’re seeing at our law firm recently is that many people are unable to afford the services of a Louisiana Divorce Lawyer. They know they need an attorney to guide them through the process, but don’t have the funds on hand to secure an advocate.

It’s understandable, as legal fees have continually gone higher and higher each year. The cost of legal representation in Louisiana is at an all time high and many people are attempting the do-it-yourself way and filing their own divorces.

This is problematic when you make a mistake on the paperwork and have to start over. The last thing you want to do is file something with the court incorrectly and find out later you were never actually divorced. This can lead to many problems such as community property continuing to accumulate.

Imagine this: You thought your divorce was finalized or you thought you could just separate for years and never file one. You move on with your life and you purchase a new vehicle and home, only to find out you were never actually divorced and now those new purchases are considered community property. Or how about the worse situation possible – you win the lottery! Congrats, but now you have to split it with you spouse to whom you were never officially divorced from.

Remember, Louisiana is a community property state

We’ve all read the example of the man or woman who won the lottery and had to split it with their ex to whom they were never actually divorced, but we’ve actually seen clients who purchased items that were later deemed to be community property and, therefore, had to be split.

Uncontested divorces in Louisiana

Just because you and your spouse agree to everything, doesn’t necessarily meant the petitions and ancillary documents will be easy to file on your own. You must still satisfy the legal requirements and document everything correctly in your petitions and sign the proper verifications. One wrong step in this process can set you back. It’s important to speak with an experienced Louisiana divorce attorney to ensure you are on the right track to obtaining your divorce.

Clients have spoken and we have listened

We’ve noticed a trend lately – clients who are having a hard time affording legal services. This is why I have decided to run a low-cost option for divorces in Louisiana. As long as your divorce is uncontested, we are able to lower our prices to a range that more of our clients can afford for a limited time.

We will walk you through the divorce process

Getting a divorce in Louisiana is not an easy thing to do on your own, even if it’s an uncontested divorce. There are petitions that need to be filed, verifications that need to be signed and you must either serve the other party or have them execute a particular document. Then you have to determine how long to wait before submitting the judgment and it gets even more complicated when you have children born of the marriage.

We have experience filing divorces all over the State of Louisiana. We have filed in multiple parishes and know how to get the job done.

Filing a divorce takes time and one wrong step can extend the time it takes to get a Judgment of Divorce signed by the Judge assigned to your case. We’ve been hired numerous times to make corrections to a divorce and get it back on track. It’s must easier to file it right the first time instead of having to go in and make amendments or worse – having to file a brand new petition because it waited too long.

If you are looking for a low cost divorce attorney, call the Andries Law Firm at (318) 269-5857 or EMAIL to set up your appointment. We are by appointment only, so you will have to call first to secure your time.

Concerned about Covid-19? Our law firm handles matters virtually so you don’t have to worry about Covid-19 precautions.

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