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Ancillary Succession
Louisiana succession lawyer
A Louisiana ancillary succession is required when a person who lives outside of Louisiana dies while owning real estate in Louisiana. While the “home state” court will have jurisdiction over the probate proceeding of the deceased, only courts in Louisiana can have jurisdiction over property left in this state. The Louisiana ancillary succession is the...
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Succession attorney Alexandria Louisiana
If you’ve found this article, you’re probably searching for a Rapides Parish succession attorney to assist you with the probate process. A succession or probate in Rapides Parish must be filed in the District Court located in Alexandria, Louisiana. A quick Google search for “Rapides Parish succession attorney,” probably won’t give you much information on...
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Louisiana ancillary probate
If you’re a non-Louisiana lawyer or law firm that needs help filing an ancillary probate matter in Louisiana, we can help! We assist out-of-state lawyers and law firms file all types of probate matters for their clients that have inherited property in Louisiana or were named in a will. Many non-Louisiana lawyers file probate or...
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California resident needs Louisiana succession attorney
Our office receives calls from all over the U.S. requesting assistance with filing ancillary probate in Louisiana from clients and other lawyers that need to file for their clients. We recently assisted a handful of clients and lawyers from California that needed help completing a Louisiana succession. Obviously, it didn’t make sense for them to...
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Where do I file Louisiana succession
You may be wondering if an out-of-state will is valid in Louisiana. This is a common question we encounter from clients that lived in other states and moved to Louisiana. If an individual died while domiciled in another state and owned property such as real estate in Louisiana, then ancillary probate must be conducted. We...
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