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low cost divorce
cheap divorce louisiana
A quick Google search on “How to get a Cheap and Fast Divorce in Louisiana” likely brought up multiple websites with questionable advice. They may not have even had a Louisiana attorney attached that can help you if things go wrong. You may also be wondering if you can get a divorce without going to...
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cheap divorce louisiana
The $500 divorce is currently unavailable. Please contact us to get a quote! The $500 Uncontested Divorce We offer low prices on uncontested divorces in every Parish in Louisiana. This price doesn’t include filing fees, court fees and is only for uncontested divorces. Property partitions, child custody and other family law matters will have to...
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divorce attorney pineville louisiana
A common issue we’re seeing at our law firm recently is that many people are unable to afford the services of a Louisiana Divorce Lawyer. They know they need an attorney to guide them through the process, but don’t have the funds on hand to secure an advocate. It’s understandable, as legal fees have continually...
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how much does an uncontested divorce cost in Louisiana?
Contested Divorce vs Uncontested Divorce in Louisiana A contested divorce in Louisiana refers to a divorce where there are lingering issues that the couple is not able to agree on for whatever reason. This includes matters such as: child custody, spousal support, community property partition and other ancillary matters. A contested divorce usually requires the parties to present their...
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