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We Help Texas Residents File Probate in Louisiana

We help out-of-state clients file succession matters here in Louisiana all the time.

It’s quite common for someone to own property in Louisiana and their children grow up and move to another state. When their parents die, succession or probate must be filed in Louisiana to give the children access to their property. 

Many people who live in other states may think they can simply hire an attorney there to file a succession here, but that’s not the case. An example would be a Texas heir to Louisiana property that wants to hire a Texas attorney. Unfortunately, that individual would have to hire a Louisiana succession attorney such as our firm to help with the matter. 

You may also find yourself in a situation where you need to file an “Ancillary Succession” or ancillary probate in Louisiana. This means the domiciliary probate was filed in the deceased’s home state, but they owned property in Louisiana. We help clients and out-of-state lawyers file these regularly. 

We get calls from Texas heirs to help file successions for their parents multiple times a week and we’re able to help them without the case costing a fortune. We’ve streamlined the procedures to save time and money for our clients. 

Here’s how we helped our clients from Texas: Their father had passed away in Louisiana years back and the children had waited to do something with the property because they thought it needed repairs before they could sell it. The house was old, but had good bones and they immediately found a buyer. 

The problem was that the buyer was ready to pay cash for the property immediately and without the children having to spend money on repairs, but the children had not done a succession to put them into possession of their father’s home in Louisiana. 

The family contacted our firm because they read about us and we agreed to help. We quickly drafted the petitions and got everything ready while keeping in contact with the Realtor to keep the buyer in the loop. The family really wanted to sell the property without having to spend money on expensive repairs. The home was considered a “fixer-upper” or handyman special because it needed a great deal of work to unlock the full potential of the property. It’s hard to take care of a home if you live out of state, so they decided to simply sell the home as-is. 

My team got the paperwork to the heirs quickly and had the probate filed with the court in no time. I stayed in contact with the Judge’s office that was assigned to the probate to make sure the process went smooth and fast. 

We were able to get the Judgment of Possession to place the children in possession of their father’s property and they were able to sell the property to the investor. There’s a good chance they would have lost the sale had my team not worked extremely fast to get the work done in a timely manner. 

You can read client reviews while you research to determine if we’re a good fit for your probate matter. 

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, send us a quick message on this page and we will respond quickly. 

Louisiana Succession Attorney Jerome Andries

Attorney R. Jerome Andries

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