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Where Do I File My Parent’s Succession in Louisiana?

Question: “My Parents Died in Another Parish, Can I Just File Where I Live?”

This is a common concern among heirs that are now faced with filing a Louisiana Succession. Many children move away from their parents and with as busy as life can be, they find it difficult to make time to work on their parent’s succession.

Often, people are named executor of the estate in someone’s will that they haven’t spoken to in quite some time and live far away. This can be difficult if you are trying to handle the estate and file the succession yourself. You may find yourself driving from parish to parish trying to gather all of the required information, only to discover you forgot something and need to amend your original petition. We help people all over the state with their succession matters and can alleviate the stress for you.

Where do you file a Louisiana Succession?

Louisiana law dictates where a succession must be filed. Louisiana is broken up into parishes and there is a strict set of laws that determine in what parish you must file a succession. You will want to file it in the correct parish the first time. Filing fees for succession vary from parish to parish, but you could end up losing a few hundred dollars for the mistake.

You must open the succession in the parish where the deceased was domiciled at the time of his/her death. You will have to do this in the District Court, not city court.

However, if the deceased did not live in the State of Louisiana when he/she died, but owned property in Louisiana, then the succession may be opened in any parish where they owned immovable property or if no immovable property was owned, then wherever movable property is situated.

For example: You live in Beauregard Parish, but your parents were domiciled (lived) in Rapides Parish. While it would be more convenient for you to file in your parish, you must file in the parish where they lived. In this case, you would be required to file your parent’s succession in Rapides Parish.

I need to file a succession in another parish, do I hire an attorney where I live or in the parish where I need to file?

Most succession law firms only handle matters in the parish where their office located. However, the Andries Law Firm, LLC handles successions in every parish in the State of Louisiana. We are able to do this efficiently and fast without the need for you to physically come to our office. We are able to handle the majority of matters by phone and email and have a competitive pricing schedule. We’ve handled successions all over the state and for clients who live out of the state as well.

If you need help filing a Louisiana Succession and don’t know who to turn to, give us a call at (318) 229-1608 or email with any questions you may have regarding successions or estate planning.

“We help clients with succession and estate matters all over the State of Louisiana.”

Louisiana Succession Attorney Jerome Andries

R. Jerome Andries
Louisiana Succession (Probate) Attorney
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