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February 2022
cheap divorce louisiana
The $500 divorce is currently unavailable. Please contact us to get a quote! The $500 Uncontested Divorce We offer low prices on uncontested divorces in every Parish in Louisiana. This price doesn’t include filing fees, court fees and is only for uncontested divorces. Property partitions, child custody and other family law matters will have to...
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executor of estate in Louisiana
We get calls daily asking about the difference between Administrator and Executor, as well as Letters of Administration and Letters of Executorship and how to get them. If you’ve found this article then you’ve probably been researching this yourself.  While the two titles and documents have different names, they’re very similar and used to accomplish...
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Louisiana succession attorney
We help out-of-state clients file succession matters here in Louisiana all the time. It’s quite common for someone to own property in Louisiana and their children grow up and move to another state. When their parents die, succession or probate must be filed in Louisiana to give the children access to their property.  Many people...
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how to do an uncontested divorce in Louisiana
You may be wondering how to get a divorce without going to court. Many of our clients want to avoid court and handle their uncontested divorce between the parties without standing before a judge and airing out their personal business in front of a group of strangers.  Going to court to get a divorce can...
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