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About Andries Law Firm, LLC

The Andries Law Firm handles a wide variety of legal matters throughout Louisiana. Our firm works hard for our clients and is ready to work for you or your organization. 

Jerome Andries Attorney at Law

Jerome Andries, Founder of Andries Law Firm, LLC

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We assist clients with successions in Louisiana, managing the legal transfer of assets after someone passes away. This process ensures that the decedent’s wishes are honored and that the assets are distributed according to the will or state law, providing clarity and support during a difficult time.

Property Partitions

We help clients with property partitions in Louisiana. This legal process ensures that each party receives their fair share, either through physical division of the property or by sale and distribution of the proceeds.

Last Will & Testament

We assist clients in drafting and finalizing Last Will and Testaments in Louisiana, ensuring their wishes are clearly articulated and legally upheld. This critical document dictates the distribution of your assets and can provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Small Estate Affidavit

We facilitate the Louisiana Small Estate Affidavit process, which allows for the expedited handling of smaller estates. This streamlined procedure minimizes court involvement and simplifies the transfer of assets, providing a quicker resolution for eligible estates.

Ancillary Probate

We manage ancillary probate proceedings in Louisiana for out-of-state decedents who owned property within the state. This process ensures the proper legal transfer of such properties, providing a seamless resolution across state lines.

Name an Executor/Administrator

We provide expert assistance in naming an executor or administrator for estate management in Louisiana. This crucial step ensures that your estate is handled efficiently and according to your wishes, with a trusted individual overseeing the process.

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Why Clients Choose Us

We don’t believe in overcharging for legal services and offer flat-rate pricing on most of our services. Flat-rate fees save money for clients and allow you to know exactly how much the legal representation will cost upfront so there are no hidden fees. Our firm provides clients with a flat-rate quote before we begin work on their legal matter so that there are no surprises when you get a bill. 

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Louisiana law can be overly complicated and complex. We offer free consultations. Contact us today to speak about your legal matter.


    Words From Clients

    • Andries Law Firm is professional & friendly, best of both worlds! I highly recommend them for successions or any legal questions you may have.
      Justine Kelone
      Owner of Call the Kelones
    • Andries Law Firm helped me with all my needs. Mr. Jerome was very helpful and worked nonstop with me until everything was completed.
      C. H.
    • I needed to do a succession of my mother’s estate and Mr. Andries was very helpful in answering all of my questions and responded quickly to my emails and phone calls. The entire process went very smoothly and at a fair price.
      R. Wiggins
    • They helped me in my time of need! I had been separated from my husband for 2 years and was just ready for everything to be over with. I reached out to them and they were very thorough in explaining the process and what would happen and keeping me updated along the way as well. I probably did reach out to them for updates a lot because I wasn’t sure of how the process went and how long it would take but they never hesitated to update me. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs help.
      S. Lewis

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