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How Long Does It Take to Do a Succession in Avoyelles Parish?

You probably have questions about successions in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana if you’ve found this article. We will explain how long a succession takes in Avoyelles Parish, the various types of successions, filing fees, legal costs and where you must file your petition. 

Avoyelles parish successions are filed in the 12th Judicial District Court in Marksville, Louisiana. The filing fees for successions are approximately $350.00, but it’s always a good idea to check with the clerk before submitting your filings. 

How Long Does the Succession Process Take in Avoyelles Parish?

There are different types of successions in Louisiana and each has their own time lengths. It depends on the facts of your situation, the complexity of the succession, the amount of assets and whether or not someone is contesting the succession. 

There are a few things you can do to speed up the process such as: 

  1. Gather important documents pertaining to property owned by the deceased;
  2. Submit addresses and phone numbers of heirs;
  3. Have two people on standby to sign the Affidavit of Death, Domicile and Heirship;
  4. Make a list of assets and debts owed by the deceased.

Most successions can be completed in a matter of weeks, while others will take a few months. This is not the type of legal proceeding that can be done quickly, however, we do all that we can to make the process smooth and efficient. 

How Much Does an Avoyelles Parish Succession Cost?

As you’re probably aware, there are two types of fees involved with Louisiana successions: lawyer fees and court filing fees. The filing fees for succession matters in Marksville and surrounding areas are paid to the Clerk of Court to file your documents into the record. 

Attorney fees for successions vary widely depending on the type of case we are dealing with. The Andries Law Firm charges flat rate fees for uncontested successions. This method saves money for the client and creates an environment where you don’t have to pay every single time you have a question for us. You can call or email as many times as you need to fully understand the succession process and we won’t charge extra for our services. 

Our flat-rate fees for uncontested successions in Marksville and surrounding areas begin at $1,750.00 up to $10,000.00 plus filing fees. The facts of your case will determine the price we charge for the succession.

Our firm is able to charge less than other law firms because we do not charge an hourly rate. 

A succession will cost more if it requires administration, has issues with property, heirs, etc. but we will still honor the flat rate fee pricing system. 

Here’s How We Can Help if You’re Looking for a Marksville Succession Attorney:

We schedule a phone consultation to discuss your case and lay out your options and prices. We then give you a list of information that you can fill out at your convenience and send back to us. We will then begin gathering information and drafting the succession petition, affidavits and other paperwork based on the information you provide our office with. We stay on the case until the matter is complete and you have a Judgment of Possession signed by the judge that you can keep in a safe place. 

How to Schedule an Appointment

The quickest way to contact us is to send us a message and we will respond or you can give us a call at (318) 269-5857. 

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