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If you’ve found this article, you’re probably searching for a Rapides Parish succession attorney to assist you with the probate process. A succession or probate in Rapides Parish must be filed in the District Court located in Alexandria, Louisiana.

A quick Google search for “Rapides Parish succession attorney,” probably won’t give you much information on your situation other than lawyer advertisements and websites that regurgitate information that has zero legal information on Louisiana succession law, but this post will hopefully clear up some questions you may have and point you in the right direction.

Rapides Parish covers many cities such as Alexandria, Pineville, Woodworth, Forest Hill, Deville, Glenmora, Tioga, Ball, Boyce, Lecompte, Hineston, Sieper and more. If a decedent (person who has died) lived or owned property in any of these cities, there’s a good chance the succession will be filed in the Rapides Parish District Court.

Where To File a Succession in Rapides Parish?

A succession that falls under the jurisdiction of Rapides Parish must be filed with the 9th Judicial District Court located at 701 Murray Street #102, Alexandria, LA 71301. The paperwork must go through the Clerk of Court and then it is sent up to the Judge’s office that it is assigned to so they can begin working on the file that is prepared by your attorney. My firm is more than happy to assist you if you’re looking for a Rapides Parish succession attorney. We will make sure that your family’s succession matter is property filed in the right parish.

How Much are Filing Fees for Rapides Parish Successions?

Rapides Parish succession filing fees vary depending on the type of succession and the value of the estate. Small successions may have filing fees of approximately $300, while regular successions are approximately $400. The small estate affidavit doesn’t go through court proceedings and only needs to be filed and has lower filing fees than other types of successions.

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Succession in Rapides Parish?

The facts and circumstances of each succession are different and timeframes can vary widely. There are a lot of moving parts to probate and the timeframe can range from a few weeks to months and some even go for years. It can take longer if you try to represent yourself without fully understanding the law. Our firm handles successions in Rapides Parish and can make sure the matter is handled quickly and efficiently. Here are a few tips to help the process run smoothly:

  1. Give your information to your succession attorney as soon as possible;
  2. Gather information regarding the deceased, heirs, and property;
  3. Keep your attorney updated on any changes;
  4. Contact all heirs so they will be watching for paperwork from your attorney;
  5. Stay in contact with your attorney in case they have questions.

Many factors are out of the attorney’s hands such as mail time, Clerk of Court processing, and how long it takes the Judge to review the file and sign the judgments. A probate attorney can make a huge difference when it comes to filing succession paperwork timely and correct.

Start the Succession Process Early to Avoid Time Issues

A common issue we see from clients is they need to sell a family home or property and the bank informs them that succession must be completed first. We work fast, but you will want to complete the succession before setting a closing date. This can be problematic if you have buyers submitting offers and need to sell the property quickly. We will do what we can, but the time it takes for the succession to make its way through the court system is out of our hands.

How Much Do Rapides Parish Successions Cost?

The cost of a succession or probate matter in Rapides Parish varies depending on the facts of the case. There are two types of fees involved with successions: filing fees and attorney fees. The filing fees are paid to the Clerk of Court to process your paperwork. Attorney fees vary depending on the complexity of the succession, heirs, property, and other factors.

Our firm uses flat-rate fees which save clients money and allow you to contact us as many times as you need to have your questions answered. We base our fees on the type of succession and the facts of the case.

If you would like a quote, please submit your information to us so we can review your situation.

Can My Rapides Parish Succession be Handled Virtually or Remote?

Absolutely! The Andries Law Firm can help you with your loved one’s succession no matter where you are located. We help clients all over Louisiana as well as out-of-state clients. We can help you if you live in another state but need a succession attorney in Alexandria, Louisiana.

How Do We Get Started?

All you have to do is send us a message to or give us a call at (318) 269-5857 and tell us about your situation. We try to make the succession process as easy as possible for our clients.

Our probate law firm can assist your family with succession matters all throughout Rapides parish including Alexandria, Pineville, Ball, Woodworth, Lecompte, Deville, Forest Hill, Glenmore, and more.

Read reviews about our work HERE.

Louisiana Ancillary Succession

We can help you file ancillary succession or ancillary probate anywhere in Louisiana. An Ancillary succession is one where the deceased lived in another state, but owned real estate or other substantial property in Louisiana. An example would be if Bob lived and died in Texas. Bob’s Texas attorney may have filed a domiciliary succession in Texas, but now he must file an ancillary succession to cover property in Louisiana.

We partner with out-of-state attorneys that need to file ancillary probate here in Louisiana. Call us at (318) 269-5857 or send us an email to learn more about our services.

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